• SoftRescue PC Data Migration Tools Work With Windows 7

    Easily move files & applications to your new PC. SoftRescue provides an efficient virus and malware free way to move software, games, emails, folders, internet bookmarks, and more from one PC to another
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SoftRescue is a total software migration solution for consumers, businesses or gamers. It provides a fast, efficient and malware free way to move software, games, emails, folders and files from one PC to another. No need for CDs, DVDs, installation instructions or serial numbers to reinstall*. SoftRescue is the world’s only user specified grab and deploy software tool.

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The premier solution for transferring software, files, e-mail, bookmarks, games and more to a new PC. Because of our proprietary technology, SoftRescue is the only product able to provide a virus, malware, and spyware free transfer.

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*except in a few applications that require CDs and keys in order to re-register the product.

Note: Occasionally, some applications may not transfer properly because of unique or proprietary installers, or manufacturer known problems. Currently the transfer of the following applications is not supported by SoftRescue. 1. Office 2007 ONLY when transferring from a 32 bit to 64 bit system is not supported due to known Microsoft problems. 2. Some versions of Quickbooks may not transfer.

If you purchase SoftRescue and experience problems with these applications please contact our support department for a full refund.

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